- Greek Mythology : HADES & PERSEPHONE -
feat. Mads Mikkelsen and Angel Coulby
*requested by anon


I want gods with sharp teeth

And heavy paws

Gods with bright eyes 

That shine with pride and longing

Curious, deadly and wise.

I want gods who run between the stars

Tearing at the fabric of the sky

Gods who hunger for the sun and moon

Gods who would take you for everything

And remake you with blood and bone

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Someone wanted an image with pitch and elsa,

“"What I want is a Pitch BlackxElsa from Frozen. I wanted it dark like you works of ‘ending’ and ‘fear’ but in a twisted romantic tragic way, like phantom of the opera and its music. I am not sure how I can explain, because it is a overwhelming passion when he missed his daughter that I also wanted the same feeling(if not slightly more) for his wife, because I definitely want those pith haters to feel his sorrow. The wikipedia calls her Lady Pitchiner, so if the books don’t have a name for her we can say her name is Elizabeth, which is similar to Elsa.I definitely want the good pitch to acknowledge Elsa as an exact resemblance of his dead wife. Not “you remind me of my wife”, but rather “I missed you so much” A feeling of passionate denial stalker, but also someone who’s mind is obviously turned distorted.”

And that i tried, and Elsa having… ice down her back.
Edit: changed her face a bit.

i never understood
what made your lips on my neck
such an intimate affair
until your teeth grazed my pulse
and i realized 
you could tear open my throat
and make me bleed out in your arms
but instead
you chose to kiss

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